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Offered by the Orc

Offered by the Orc

The monster needs a sacrifice. And she’s on the altar…

When Stella wanders the forest alone one fateful night, she only seeks peace, relief, escape. A few stolen moments on a secret, ancient altar, at one with the moon above.

Instead, she’s accosted by a hulking, hideous, bloodthirsty orc. An orc who demands a sacrifice — not by his sword, but by Stella’s complete surrender. To his claws, his sharp teeth, his huge muscled body. His every humiliating, thrilling command… 

But Stella would never offer herself up to be sacrificed by a monster — would she? Even if her surrender just might grant her the moon’s favour — and open her heart to a whole new fate?

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The Governess and the Orc

Find out what’s happening with Geva and Rathgarr, three years after The Governess and the Orc!

Includes a doting Papa Kesst, an adorable Ash-Kai orcling, and a parenting conundrum. And, Rathgarr needs to learn a lesson…

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The Sins of the Orc

More sexy, delicious fun from The Sins of the Orc!

Kesst is already head-over-heels for his new mate, but then Eft offers him something he’s only ever dreamt of… 

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The Maid and the Orcs - Bonus Epilogue

The Maid and the Orcs

Catch up with Alma, Baldr, and Drafli again, almost four years after The Maid and the Orcs!

Includes even MORE smutty, fluffy, happy orc goodness (and an important update on the orcling situation!).

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The Midwife and the Orc

Meet up with Joarr and Gwyn five months after The Midwife and the Orc!

Meet the newest member of the Bautul clan, and join our heroes as they have an epically messy adventure upon a certain altar…

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The Duchess and the Orc

Follow up with Maria and Simon a year and a half after The Duchess and the Orc

Includes a VERY grumpy orcling, a Skai camp, and more adventures in the Skai common-room… 😈

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The Librarian and the Orc

Catch up with John and Rosa a year after The Librarian and the Orc!

Full of gratuitous fluff, cameos from way too many characters, and a grumpy but affectionate orc master getting his way (again). 😁

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The Heiress and the Orc Bonus Epilogue

The Heiress and the Orc

Find out how Natt and Ella are faring, two years after the events of The Heiress and the Orc

Includes ALL the spoilers, some sexy times, and most importantly, two adorable orclings! 😉

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The Mage’s Groom

Greta Hendersson was supposed to do great things in life. Build a career, rack up accolades, make a perfect marriage. 

But when her two-year relationship with the world’s most famous air-mage blows up in her face, everything else falls apart, too. And all that’s left is to go home… to where her head groom has been patiently waiting. With a collar and whip in his hand…

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“Hit the spot … every dirty decadent word of it. I do so love me an orc and this author does them so well.”
Beckie Bookworm