• Orc Sworn Reading Order

    All my books read as total stand-alones, with complete internal story arcs, and no cliffhangers!

    However, since most of the books take place chronologically in the same location, many readers prefer to read them in order of date published to get the fullest experience (and avoid any spoilers!).

    One caveat: The Sins of the Orc (which is actually the first book in the separate Orc Forged series) goes back in time to several years before The Lady and the Orc. So you can absolutely read it first if you like, but many of my readers have still preferred to read it in publication order!

    1. The Lady and the Orc
    2. Offered by the Orc
    3. The Heiress and the Orc
    4. The Librarian and the Orc
    5. The Duchess and the Orc
    6. The Midwife and the Orc
    7. The Maid and the Orcs
    8. The Sins of the Orc (can also be read first)
    9. The Governess and the Orc
    10. Yuled by the Orcs
    11. The Beauty and the Orcs
    12. The Fall of the Orc
    13. The Widow and the Orcs

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