• Finley Fenn - The Mage's Master

    The Mage’s Master

    She’ll give him everything he’s ever wanted… but the price might be too high to pay. 

    Henrik Hallen needs money. His family’s in trouble, and his prestigious position as a top-tier earth-mage is hanging by a thread. There’s only one person who can help — his wealthy boss and best friend Fasta — but so far, Henrik’s clung to his pride, and spurned her charity.

    Until she makes an offer too provocative to resist…

    Fasta Valgeirr is a poised, put-together heiress, and one of the most in-demand earth-mages in the country. And when her longtime employee — the brilliant, commanding, and sexy as hell Henrik Hallen — refuses her help, Fasta musters her courage, and offers Henrik his darkest, most secret craving instead. 

    Her body, and with it, her obedience.

    It means paying her subordinate to become her superior — to dominate her in life, and in bed. And it’s only a matter of time — and temptation — before Henrik finally relents, and proves himself to be the dirty, delicious, demanding master of all Fasta’s wildest fantasies.

    But in the real world, Fasta’s still in charge, and Henrik’s still struggling. And what happens when Henrik wants more, and Fasta can’t give it? Or when trouble just keeps coming, and Henrik’s ready to run?

    What will it cost Fasta to keep her magnificent master for good?

    An angsty, standalone, friends to lovers fantasy romance. For fans of brawny, blue-collar alpha wizards, steamy scenes, and heartfelt happily ever afters.

    Content guidance: Click here to view (spoilers!) Includes: very intense scenes, a dominant/submissive relationship with multiple unhealthy elements, copious use of props, strong language.

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