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    Out now: The Sins of the Orc Audiobook!

    Kesst’s tale The Sins of the Orc is now in audio! (Just in time for Orc-tober!) Our fabulously snarky Kesst has been brought to life by the incredible UK narrator James Joseph, who’s done an absolutely gorgeous job. I’m delighted to be working with him for this series! And as always, I’m so grateful to[…]

    Now in Audio: The Governess and the Orc!

    Meet narrator Shane East! Brit voice actor Shane East is a completely brilliant audiobook narrator, and I was so delighted when I learned he’d be narrating the Orc Sworn series! Shane was kind enough to take some time to answer a few questions for me about his process, what inspires his delicious orc voices, and more! New[…]

    Coming this Orc-tober: The Fall of the Orc!

    I’m so excited to announce The Fall of the Orc… coming this Orc-tober! This is the long-awaited tale of how Olarr of Clan Bautul fell for human lieutenant Aulis Gerrard! It will again take us back to a darker, more dangerous time, where we’ll find… 💚 ENEMIES enemies to lovers💚 Secret plots, star-crossed lovers, and[…]

    Now in Audio: The Maid and the Orcs!

    This epic Orc Mountain MMF tale is almost 24 hours long (!!!), and once again features the absolutely brilliant Shane East as our narrator. He’s done a stunning job bringing our orcs to life, as always! 💚

    Take the Orc Sworn Makeover Quiz!

    You’ve fallen in love with a devious, delicious orc, and he’s whisked you away to Orc Mountain. However… now he wants to take you shopping! Before he gets it ALL wrong, take this quiz to guide you both to your perfect Orc Mountain style.

    Out Now: The Beauty and the Orcs!

    The Beauty and the Orcs is available now! It’s an epic adventure of love, heartbreak, heat, and hope, with ALL the Good Grisk Gold (and Good Grisk… fun) 😈 The Beauty and the Orcs includes… And of course, the return of all our old friends! THE BEAUTY AND THE ORCS She was ruined by an[…]

    The Midwife and the Orc: Now in Audio!

    The audiobook for The Midwife and the Orc is available now!

    Once again, the audiobook is over 16 hours long, and the fabulous Shane East is returning as our narrator. His Joarr is just such a delight! 💚

    The Duchess and the Orc: Now in Audio!

    The audiobook for The Duchess and the Orc is out now! Our narrator is once again the incredible Shane East, whose grumpy growly Simon will definitely blow our minds! The Duchess and the Orc is available only from Audible. If you’re new to Audible, see below for more details on how to order and enjoy![…]

    The Librarian and the Orc: Now in audio!

    The Librarian and the Orc‘s audiobook is now available on Amazon and Audible! Our narrator is once again the spectacular Shane East, who’s done a stunning job bringing our strict, gorgeous John to life… all 17 hours of him! Of course, we’ll also see all our favourite Orc Mountain friends, including Tristan, Salvi, and Simon![…]

    Announcing Yuled by the Orcs! Available through Patreon and email!

    I’m so excited to officially announce our new Orc Sworn holiday novella, Yuled by the Orcs! It’s the extra-spicy MMF tale of a sly new silver fox Skai (Tryggr’s Pa!), and all his devious Yuletide shenanigans! Plus, see some old friends, and celebrate Yule at Orc Mountain! Yuled by the Orcs is available as a[…]

    Orc Sworn is now on Patreon!

    I’m excited to share that I’m now on Patreon! This is a brand-new way to explore the world of Orc Sworn together, and will include early access to new books, new sexy art of your favourite characters, exclusive merch in the mail, signed paperbacks, and more! Patreon Q&As! Why Patreon? I love connecting with my[…]

    The Governess and the Orc is out now!

    The Governess and the Orc is out now, and available for purchase and KU borrowing on Amazon! It tells the twisty, spicy tale of how a prim, proper governess ends up in a fake relationship with a devious, dangerous orc… He’ll make all her dreams come true… but only if she can pretend to love[…]

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