• Finley Fenn - Orc Sworn - The Duchess and the Orc

    The Duchess and the Orc

    He’s a massive, mocking, murderous monster. And she’s offering him… everything.

    In a world of recently warring orcs and men, Maria is desperate for escape. She’s trapped in an opulent prison, tainted by rumours of madness, and wed to a cold, vindictive duke who hungers only for war.

    But with no family, no funds, and no hope, there’s nowhere left to run — except for the one place even a duke can’t reach. The place where women almost always meet their doom…

    Orc Mountain.

    It’s a grim, deadly fortress, filled with fierce, bloodthirsty beasts — and the first orc Maria meets is the most terrifying of them all. A huge, hostile, hideous brute, hardened by hatred and war, who instantly accuses her of foul trickery, and threatens her with death —

    But this orc also wants something. Something that kindles deep in his gleaming black eyes, in his rough, rugged scent, in the velvet heat of his voice. Something that just might grant Maria his safety… but only if she grants him everything in return.

    Her defeat.
    Her dignity.
    Her devotion…

    And surely, a duchess wouldn’t dare make such a shameful deal with the devil — or would she? Especially when surrender might spark yet more war… or bring the mighty Orc Mountain to its knees?

    A dark, angsty, full-length fantasy romance. Comes after The Librarian and the Orc, but also reads as a standalone. Happily ever after guaranteed.

    The Duchess and the Orc is now available in audio, with professional production by Podium Audio, and narration by the spectacular Shane East!

    Praise for The Duchess and the Orc

    ★ “Hit the spot … every dirty decadent word of it. I do so love me an orc and this author does them so well.” —Beckie Bookworm

    ★ “Highly, highly shameless. Highly, highly enjoyable.” —Author Ruby Dixon

    ★ “This series was brilliant and sexy and insane and I could not have binged faster.” —Romantically Inclined Reviews

    ★ “Wow! Maria and her whole journey was just wonderful. Highly recommend.” —Wickedly Sweet and Synful Book Blog, Twilla

    ★ “A non-stop roller-coaster of feeling … highly recommended.” —Author E.J. Frost

    ★ “An extremely satisfying plot with satisfying character development with two likable MCs.” —Monster Romance Reviews

    ★ “I love these books. Big Simon can enforce me anytime.” —Justine Just Reads

    ★ “Finley Fenn does a sterling job of unmasking the hidden depths of those we’d normally see as two-dimensional monsters.” —Author M.F. Moody

    ★ “My favorite story of this author’s monster fantasy romance series thus far, but each read has been filled with such well-rounded characters, each one complex in their own way, with enticing and thoughtful storylines!” —SBee Reviews

    Content guidance: Click here to view (spoilers!) Includes: weapons and violence; depiction of anxiety and panic attacks; intense scenes; strong language; discussion of abuse; infidelity (not between main characters); copious fluids; pregnancy.

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