• The Mages FAQ

    Thank you for reading my Mages series! Here are a few common questions I’ve received about these books.

    Will you be writing more books in your Mages series?
    I’m always excited when readers mention they’ve enjoyed this series! They were the very first stories I tried publishing, and I still love the characters so much (and yessss, I want Runar and Thora to have their happy ending too).

    However, in terms of future Mages books, I hate to say, but the series is on a bit of a hiatus at the moment. They didn’t find many readers when I first put them out, so I switched gears toward orcs (which I obviously also adore!). However, I would still love to finish the series someday — I have thoroughly planned out Runar and Thora’s book (along with one about Ilsa and Johan), and they had so much delicious potential! So, maybe someday? And readers’ kind feedback definitely helps! 🥰

    Will this series ever be released in paperback?
    Yes! The Mage’s Match, The Mage’s Master, and The Mage’s Maid will all be coming to paperback in 2024. Stay tuned for a cover update too!

    How do I download The Mage’s Groom?
    If you missed the link in your email signup confirmation, you can also access it here. Please note you’ll need to enter your email address again, but you won’t be signed up twice!

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