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    The Sins of the Orc

    He’s fallen too far to save… but his enemy is going to try. 

    In a world of warring orcs and men, Kesst of Clan Ash-Kai is a pawn. A pretty, pliant plaything, bound to the cruelest orcs in the realm. 

    Until the new healer storms in. 

    He’s huge, hostile, and hideous, with a powerful scarred body and terrifying ancient magic. And it only takes one disastrous meeting before he and Kesst are bitter enemies, and Kesst vows to see the vile brute destroyed…

    And then a sudden, deadly attack hurls his helpless body straight at the healer’s feet. 

    Kesst fully expects to be mocked, belittled, abandoned to his doom — but instead, his new enemy picks him up.
    Soothes his wounds. 
    And carries him home… 

    Soon Kesst is trapped in a tiny sickroom beneath Orc Mountain, caught in the thrall of the healer’s impossible magic. In the surprising gentleness of his touch. In the strength of his stubborn, seductive safety… 

    But with his horrid handlers close on their scent, Kesst can’t possibly be falling for his forbidden foe… can he? Can a healer save him from his sins… or destroy him?

    A dark, angsty, MM fantasy romance novella. Comes before the Orc Sworn series, but also reads as a standalone. Happily ever after guaranteed.

    Artwork from The Sins of the Orc

    Hear The Sins of the Orc in audio

    The Sins of the Orc is now available as an audiobook from Podium Audio, with narration by acclaimed UK narrator James Joseph!

    Praise for The Sins of the Orc

    ★ “This was fire. Absolute fire … something special beyond words.” —Romantically Inclined Reviews

    ★ “It was tender, it was heartbreaking, it was HOT. What else could you ask for while taking another visit to Orc Mountain?” —The Book Type

    ★ “Both heart wrenching and beautiful.” —The Lady and the Book

    ★ “I laughed, I cried, I swooned, all in all a lovely read and I can’t wait for the next one!” —Author Bevin Shea

    ★ “Get some water and a fan, because you’re going to need it.” —Lady with a Quill

    ★ “Getting to see how these two met and developed their relationship was beautiful.” —Bottle Blonde Bookworm

    ★ “A heartbreakingly sweet MM novella with a MC you cannot help but root for.” —Monster Romance Review

    ★ “This book was exactly what it needed to be and exactly as mind-blowing as I expected.” —Merced

    ★ “Heartwarming and delicious … I just love them together so much.” —Amalia

    ★ “So beautiful … two broken souls who find each other and make each other feel safe and whole and beloved.” —Tales and Teacups

    Content guidance: Click here to view (spoilers!) Includes: dark situations and power dynamics causing current and past trauma (not between main love interests); intense intimate scenes (including in public); discussion and depiction of abuse and its effects; depression and suicidal thoughts; discussion of war and violence; life-threatening injuries; murder; copious fluids; strong language.

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