Orc Sworn Characters

Need a reminder of who’s who at Orc Mountain? Keep reading for a list of the main characters we’ve met so far! (Please note, this list does contain spoilers!)

Plus, check out our definitive size chart, courtesy of the fabulous Erin Perez!

Clan Ash-Kai
  • Grimarr, Captain of Orc Mountain, Captain of Five Clans, Prince of the Orcs
  • Jule, formerly Lady Norr, now Lady Captain, mated to Grimarr
  • Tengil, Jule and Grimarr’s son
  • Kesst, a Galdr-Spinner, mated to Efterar
  • Efterar, Orc Mountain’s Chief Healer
  • Rathgarr, Kesst’s elder brother
  • Geva Okoro, mated to Rathgarr
  • Gegnir, Orc Mountain’s Head Cook
  • Sken, a Seer
  • Kaugir (deceased), Grimarr’s father, formerly the Captain of the Orcs

Clan Bautul
  • Joarr, the Bautul Seer and Orc Mountain’s Chief Scout, mated to Gwyn
  • Gwynevere Garrett (Gwyn), Lord Anton’s daughter; a midwife, mated to Joarr
  • Silfast, a Bautul battle-captain, mated to Stella
  • Stella, mated to Silfast
  • Skoll, Stella and Silfast’s son
  • Olarr, a Bautul battle-captain
  • Ivar, a Bautul elder
  • Kalfr, a Bautul hunter and gardener
  • Eyolf and Iyolf, Bautul brothers and gardeners

Clan Skai
  • Drafli, the Right Hand to the Captain, mated to Baldr and Alma
  • Simon, the Enforcer of Orc Mountain, mated to Maria
  • Maria-Anita Bassala (Maria), formerly the Duchess of Warmisham, mated to Simon
  • Bjorn, Simon and Maria’s adopted son
  • Arnthorr, Simon and Maria’s younger son
  • Tryggr, a cheerful Skai warrior
  • Ulfarr, son of Orc Mountain’s former Enforcer
  • Killik, Skai scout
  • Dufnall, retired Skai warrior

Clan Ka-esh
  • John-Ka, Priest of Orc Mountain, mated to Rosa
  • Rosa Rolfe (Rosa-Ka), mated to John-Ka
  • Thorin, John and Rosa’s son
  • Salvi, medic, raised with John and Tristan, mated to Tristan
  • Tristan, scribe, raised with John and Salvi, mated to Salvi
  • Eben, medic
  • Gary (Gareth), goldsmith

Clan Grisk
  • Baldr, the Left Hand to the Captain, mated to Drafli and Alma
  • Alma Andersson, mated to Baldr and Drafli
  • Nattfarr (Natt), the Speaker of the Grisk, mated to Ella
  • Ella Riddell, mated to Natt
  • Rakfi, Ella and Natt’s son
  • Thrak, brother of Thrain, cousin and guard to Natt, mated to Dammarr
  • Thrain, brother of Thrak, cousin and guard to Natt
  • Varinn, member of Natt’s guard
  • Dammarr, member of Natt’s guard, mated to Thrak
  • Timo, a young Grisk