Orc Sworn Characters

Need a reminder of who’s who at Orc Mountain? Here’s a (non-exhaustive) list of the main characters we’ve met so far!

Please note, this list does contain spoilers!

Clan Ash-Kai
  • Grimarr, Captain of Orc Mountain, Captain of Five Clans, Prince of the Orcs
  • Jule, formerly Lady Norr, now Lady Captain, mated to Grimarr
  • Tengil, Jule and Grimarr’s son
  • Sken, a Time Seer
  • Kaugir (deceased), Grimarr’s father, formerly the Captain of the Orcs
  • Kesst, a Galdr Teller, mated to Efterar
  • Efterar, Orc Mountain’s Chief Healer
  • Gegnir, Orc Mountain’s Head Cook

Clan Bautul
  • Joarr, the Bautul Seer and Orc Mountain’s Chief Scout, mated to Gwyn
  • Gwynevere Garrett (Gwyn), Lord Anton’s daughter; a midwife, mated to Joarr
  • Olarr, a Bautul battle-captain
  • Silfast, a Bautul battle-captain, mated to Stella
  • Stella, mated to Silfast
  • Skoll, Stella and Silfast’s son
  • Ivar, a Bautul elder
  • Kalfr, a Bautul hunter and gardener
  • Eyolf and Iyolf, Bautul brothers and gardeners
  • Grum, a Bautul warrior

Clan Skai
  • Drafli, the Right Hand to the Captain, mated to Baldr
  • Simon, the Enforcer of Orc Mountain, mated to Maria
  • Maria-Anita Bassala (Maria), formerly the Duchess of Warmisham, mated to Simon
  • Bjorn, Simon and Maria’s adopted son
  • Arnthorr, Simon and Maria’s younger son
  • Ulfarr, son of Orc Mountain’s former Enforcer
  • Killik, Skai scout
  • Halthorr, Skai scout
  • Dufnall, retired Skai warrior

Clan Ka-esh
  • John-Ka, Priest of Orc Mountain, mated to Rosa
  • Rosa Rolfe (Rosa-Ka), mated to John-Ka
  • Thorin, John and Rosa’s son
  • Salvi, medic, raised with John and Tristan, mated to Tristan
  • Tristan, scribe, raised with John and Salvi, mated to Salvi
  • Eben, medic
  • Gary (Gareth), goldsmith

Clan Grisk
  • Baldr, the Left Hand to the Captain, mated to Drafli
  • Nattfarr (Natt), the Speaker of the Grisk, mated to Ella
  • Ella Riddell, mated to Natt
  • Rakfi, Ella and Natt’s son
  • Thrak, brother of Thrain, cousin and guard to Natt, mated to Dammarr
  • Thrain, brother of Thrak, cousin and guard to Natt
  • Varinn, member of Natt’s guard
  • Dammarr, member of Natt’s guard, mated to Thrak
  • Eyarl, Chief Grisk Scout
  • Timo, a young Grisk