• Finley Fenn - The Mage's Maid

    The Mage’s Maid

    He’s a rich, proud, powerful lord… but now his housemaid has the upper hand. 

    Mik Mastersson has it all together. He’s handsome, titled, accomplished, and a top-tier air-mage — and now, all he needs is a proper lord’s wife.

    The only problem is, he can’t keep his hands off his housemaid…

    Miss Kay Courser has loved Mik for years, and revels in all the secret, filthy ways she can bring her lord to his knees.

    But she knows she’ll never be wife material — and when Mik makes that truth painfully clear, Kay decides she’s had enough. Enough of being a plaything, a toy, a convenient escape for a lord who doesn’t really care.

    Or does he? And when Mik comes home to find Kay gone, how far will he humble himself to bring his brilliant mistress back again?

    A hot, angsty, sexy short tale about plucky maids putting powerful lords in their proper place — and finding their own happily ever after.

    Content guidance: Click here to view (spoilers!) Includes: very intense scenes; femdom; strong language; past infidelity on MMC’s part (not shown on-page, and addressed throughout the story).

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