• Finley Fenn - Orc Sworn - The Heiress and the Orc

    The Heiress and the Orc

    Once, he was her dearest friend… but now he’s a brutal, terrifying monster.

    In a world of recently warring orcs and men, Ella Riddell is determined to ignore it all. She’s the wealthiest heiress in the realm — and soon, she’s to wed a lord, and become a real lady.

    Until the night her engagement-party ends in utter disaster, and Ella runs for the forest — and straight into the powerful arms of a hulking, deadly orc.

    And it’s not just any orc. It’s Natt. The orc Ella made a secret, foolish pledge to, many years past…

    He’s huge and shameless and vicious, not at all the gangly, laughing daredevil Ella remembers. And he’s here with one shocking, scandalous aim: to wreak vengeance on Ella’s betrothed. With her.

    With her hunger.
    Her surrender.
    Her undoing…

    Ella knows she should run, even if this deadly enemy was once a friend. Even if his scent drags up a dark, forbidden longing. Even if his kisses are the sweetest, filthiest thing she’s ever tasted in her life…

    But will Ella truly risk her perfect future, for an orc? Will she face the bitter truths of the past, and brave the terrifying Orc Mountain, before more war rises to destroy them all?

    A dark, steamy, full-length fantasy romance. Comes after The Lady and the Orc, but also reads as a standalone. Happily ever after guaranteed.

    The Heiress and the Orc is available in ebookpaperbackhardcover (with an alternate object cover), and audio! The audiobook is professionally produced by Podium Audio, and narrated by the spectacular Shane East!

    Praise for The Heiress and the Orc

    ★ “Loved the wild and steamy orc world, tempered with rigid Clan politics.” —SBee Reviews

    ★ “I love this series. It’s filthy and scratches the fantasy itch admirably well.” —Ruby Dixon, Amazon #1 bestselling author

    ★ “Filthy, fun, emotionally compelling, and just altogether wonderful reads.” —Author S.J. Sanders

    ★ “This book is not for the pearl clutchers. I highly recommend it.” —Wickedly Sweet and Synful Book Blog, Twilla

    ★ “An enjoyable and imaginative experience … cranks the heat up to record levels … I was panting in pure anticipation.” —Beckie Bookworm

    ★ “There was some extreme groveling in this book and I LOVED it. Finley is the best at making me love an Orc I should forever stay mad at!” —Opalescent

    ★ “As always, Finley Fenn delivers us flawed yet loveable characters, who overcome much and show such growth in their journeys.” —Author M.F. Moody

    ★ “Has the layered mastery of character development, tightly orchestrated plot, and multi-dimensional world building that I have come to expect of Fenn.” —Monster Romance Reviews

    ★ “So hot my kindle was in danger of combusting.” —Louise’s Book Buzz

    ★ “I did not expect to literally fall in love with these orcs. Finley Fenn has earned a lifelong reader in me.” —Romantically Inclined Reviews

    Content guidance: Click here to view (spoilers!) Includes: abduction; weapons and violence; intense scenes; strong language; discussion of abuse including child SA (discussed in vague terms and not shown on page, though retaliation is shown); infidelity (not between main characters); copious fluids; pregnancy.

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