• Finley Fenn

    Finley Fenn

    Hi! I’m Finley Fenn, and I’m a Canadian writer of steamy, angsty fantasy romance books. My current obsession is orcs, and my ongoing Orc Sworn series is now up to eight books, with a ninth book on the way in 2024!

    While writing has been a lifelong passion for me, Orc Sworn has been a true highlight of my writing life. The community of readers that’s grown around these books has been incredible, and I’ve met so many generous, brilliant, and inspiring new friends. If you haven’t joined already, I’d love to see you at my Finley Fenn Readers’ Den Facebook group, on my private Discord server, or on Patreon.

    For a bit more about me — I’m very happily married to my own “Canadian orc” (complete with grumping and epic hair, hehe), and when I’m not writing, I’m usually reading, listening to music, hanging out with my awesome readers online, or spending time with my family and doggo. I am also ADDICTED to art, and spend wayyy too much time drooling over delicious artwork online, and trying to decide what art to commission next! For my current collection of awesome orc commissions and fanart, see here.

    Thanks so much for reading my books, and for your support! Hugs!


    • “I love this series. It’s filthy and scratches the fantasy itch admirably well.” —Author Ruby Dixon
    • “It takes a huge amount of imagination to envision a setting utterly different from our own, and a huge amount of talent to convey this world in detail after detail. Finley Fenn has both in spades.” —Author E.J. Frost
    • “Finley Fenn reinvented orcs and did them the justice they deserve. Period.” —Author V.C. Lancaster
    • “A great series that has so much to offer … I am always pulled right back into this fascinating world so effortlessly.” —Beckie Bookworm
    • “Each read has been filled with such well-rounded characters, each one complex in their own way, with enticing and thoughtful storylines.” —SBee Reviews
    • “All her books are sexy, romantic, angsty, and captivating.” —Romantically Inclined Reviews
    • “Finley Fenn has a special connection to my inner soul … the Queen of Angst.” —Niki Reads

    Frequently asked questions!

    I’ve loved hearing your questions about my books! Here’s where you can find answers from me… and from some of our orcs too!

    Orc Sworn FAQ

    For answers to all your general Orc Sworn questions, including…

    What’s coming next in the Orc Sworn series?
    What are your orcs based on?
    How do you pronounce “ach”?

    ask the speaker!

    Our Speaker Nattfarr answered over 50 reader questions for us!

    How do I attract an orc mate?
    Are there any other fantasy beings in your realm?
    Will an orc daughter ever be born?

    Tea Time with Kesst

    Tea Time with Kesst

    Kesst spills all the tea with his Orc Mountain gossip column!

    Out of all your orc brothers’ relationships, which do you deem most romantic?
    How do you keep your hair so shiny and healthy?

    The Mages FAQ

    A few commonly asked questions about my Mages series.

    Will you write more books in this series?
    • Will this series ever come to paperback?

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