• You’re an… Ash-Kai!

    You’re a proud, passionate member of Clan Ash-Kai! Since the earliest days, your clan has given Orc Mountain its most memorable leaders, villains, and provocateurs. Members of Clan Ash-Kai are the likeliest of all five clans to carry the old magic, including healing, galdr-telling, and farsight.

    At your best, members of Clan Ash-Kai are creative, compelling, idealistic, strategic, and visionary individuals, with a strong commitment to justice, progress, and community. You deeply care for those around you, and you’re willing to make significant sacrifices to keep safe the people you love. When you make a promise, you do your utmost to keep it. 

    At your worst, members of Clan Ash-Kai can lose perspective and focus, and can sometimes become consumed with your goals at the cost of all else. You might also have a special talent for putting on a good face for others, even if you’re secretly suffering, and you may struggle asking for help when you need it. The cleverest Ash-Kai (including you!) take care to surround yourselves with members of other clans, and to learn from their insights and advice. 

    In the bedroom, you’re skilled, generous, and capable, and you take great pride in showing off what’s yours. Your satisfied mate knows very well who they belong to (and the rest of Orc Mountain definitely knows too!). 

    Members of Clan Ash-Kai are also hardworking, proud, cunning, clever, and strong, with prodigious all-around fighting skill. You love being in the middle of the action (and maybe causing some extra drama while you’re there). When others need help, they know they can always come to you. You’re an incredible gift to Orc Mountain, and your brothers and sisters would not be able to survive without you. 

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