• You’re a… Skai!

    You’re a fierce, loyal member of the indomitable Clan Skai! The Skai are Orc Mountain’s smallest but mightiest clan, with a long history of fearlessness, valour, and viciously won battles. The Skai are utterly devoted to their clan and their kind, and have made countless sacrifices to keep the people they care for safe. Your Skai kin can often be found fighting on the front lines of battles, waging guerilla warfare against your enemies, and serving as solitary scouts in the realm’s most dangerous cities and outposts. 

    Due to the frequently precarious and isolated nature of their work, the Skai have suffered the most losses of all the clans – not only of life, but also of culture, traditions, and mental and physical health. As a result, many Skai have learned to be skeptical and mistrustful, treating outsiders with disdain, contempt, and even cruelty. The old Skai “ways” represent some of the few remaining Skai traditions, but these have often reinforced some of the Skai’s darker tendencies, leading to even more isolation and bitterness. 

    However, thanks to the ongoing peace, many Skai are working to reform the clan from within – and the Skai’s multiple excellent attributes are becoming more apparent. Your Orc Mountain kin are beginning to see just how much you have selflessly sacrificed for their survival, and how underappreciated your efforts have been. You are loyal, careful, and consistent, with a keen observational eye, and a deep appreciation for effort, talent, beauty, and skill. And despite your tendency to judge outsiders, once someone gains your fealty, you are resolutely faithful, supportive, and accepting, and will do all within your power to uphold them and their goals. 

    Skai are often impressive lovers, with enviable athletic skill and endurance, and close attention to their mate’s preferences. Skai usually have very little patience for secrecy or shame, and take great pleasure in flaunting their beautiful conquests. Your orc is never happier than when he’s reduced you to a gasping, pleading mess at his feet! 

    Though your clan is often the least understood at Orc Mountain, you have been a crucial part of your kind’s survival, and the current state of peace. You are a true, trustworthy, formidable friend, and the fiercest, most faithful partner your mate could ever ask for. 

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