• You’re a… Ka-esh!

    You’re a clever, creative member of Clan Ka-esh! The Ka-esh have long served as the orcs’ scholars, educators, geologists, and engineers, and Orc Mountain’s ongoing survival is in large part due to your incredible knowledge and expertise. 

    Ka-esh love to learn, and individual study and specialization isn’t only accepted within your clan, but welcomed and encouraged. Ka-esh have made impressive forays into medicine, mining, metalworking, engineering, agriculture, history, literature, and social sciences, and your open-minded creativity is a crucial part of your ongoing success. You are recognized as an irreplaceable asset within your clan and your mountain, and your fellow clans consistently do their utmost to protect you and honour your many contributions. 

    On a personal level, members of Clan Ka-esh tend to enjoy your own company, as well as the company of your mates and close kin. You make your home in the darkest part of Orc Mountain – largely because of the peace and quiet it offers you! You LOVE libraries, and will go far out of your way to visit them, and acquire new information and reading material. You also love discussing and refining your newfound discoveries with those closest to you. 

    On the other hand, members of Clan Ka-esh can sometimes become entitled or arrogant, and can treat others with condescension or disrespect. You might struggle to understand points of view that strongly differ from your own, and become impatient with your fellow clans for their seemingly thoughtless actions and priorities. (To be fair, the other clans can give you a LOT to be irritated about!)

    When it comes to intimacy, members of Clan Ka-esh long ago discovered the many joys to be found in more intense pleasures and dynamics, as well as the psychological release they can offer. Therefore, the Ka-esh keep a secret, secure space for such enjoyments, and often embrace biting, marking, and the use of the kraga (a traditional unbreakable bonding necklace) – but of course, your participation is entirely up to you. Either way, you can rely on your Ka-esh lover to be highly attentive, considerate, and informed, and devoted to your safety and pleasure. 

    Of all five clans, the Ka-esh can sometimes be the most inscrutable, and the most difficult to get to know. But once you’ve gained a Ka-esh’s loyalty and respect, they will offer you unflinching care and support, and you will enjoy a mutually fulfilling, deeply satisfying partnership together. 

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