• You’re a… Grisk!

    Clan Grisk

    You’re a generous, considerate member of the delightful Grisk clan! The Grisk are the largest clan in Orc Mountain, partly because of your patience, kindness, and openness toward outsiders. The Grisk make genuine, heartfelt efforts to treat others with acceptance and respect, and you are quite possibly the most sought-after clan for mates, lovers, and friends. 

    Grisk place a high importance on family, stability, and community, and on creating a supportive, nurturing environment for your orclings’ growth and development. Of all five clans, you retain the most awareness of the orcs’ collective history and traditions, and you carry this knowledge forward in a variety of ways – whether celebrating your holidays, honouring your gods and ancestors, or caring for your homes and mates. As such, you also tend to be the most traditionally (and flamboyantly) dressed of all the orcs, with a strong focus on sensuality, physicality, and heirloom jewels and textiles. 

    The Grisk are often the most practical of the five clans, with a deep appreciation for good food, comfortable clothing and spaces, and honest hard work. You have long served as Orc Mountain’s keepers, ensuring that your home stays clean, functional, and safe. You also have an impressive affinity for scent, and may be able to follow long-lost trails over massive distances, or even smell others’ emotions and affections. 

    On the other hand, Grisk have sometimes been accused of cowardice or gullibility, or of putting their own priorities ahead of the orcs’ collective safety and survival. Many Grisk would prefer to hide or run from their enemies, rather than fight them – and even those Grisk who enjoy fighting tend to avoid excessive violence or brutality. Many Grisk will show outward compliance toward those in charge, while nursing inward resentment or rebellion; your most thoughtful friends and lovers will take the time to learn your true loyalties, and gain your deepest truths. 

    With your trusted partners, Grisk are often open, affectionate, and uninhibited lovers, freely welcoming a variety of quirks and preferences. If you’ve had the good fortune to fall in love with a Grisk, you can be sure you’ll feel safe, comfortable, and genuinely appreciated, just as you are. 

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