• You’re a… Bautul!

    You’re a brave, bold member of the glorious Clan Bautul! Of all the clans in Orc Mountain, Bautul are the most committed to unity – most obviously within your clan, but also within the larger contexts of community, faith, home, and the natural world around you. This leads to a close, instinctive connection between the Bautul and the earth, and you are often excellent hunters, gardeners, foragers, and navigators. The Bautul are Orc Mountain’s principal suppliers of food, goods, and textiles, and while your contributions aren’t always as appreciated as they ought to be, they are crucial for Orc Mountain’s ongoing sustainability. 

    The Bautul are also often ferocious in battle, and are widely recognized as some of Orc Mountain’s strongest and most skilful fighters. However, what’s perhaps less understood is how the Bautul’s strength in battle is rooted in the urgent need to protect your clan and your home at all costs – and Bautul have learned that a powerful offense is best gained through forceful leadership, relentless practice, and deep-rooted understanding of your fellow fighters’ tendencies and skills. 

    Members of Clan Bautul are often direct and devoted, with a strong value system that often includes meaningful rituals and fealty to your clan’s goddess. You are unflinchingly committed to your clan kin, and to the home and culture you’ve built together. You also have a less recognized appreciation for fun and entertainment, and often enjoy music, dancing, cooking, or unexpected adventures with the people you love. 

    On the darker side, Clan Bautul’s drive for unity and fealty can sometimes lead to mistrust or mistreatment of outsiders, or a rigidity that doesn’t tolerate individual deviation. It can also lead to the clan becoming isolated and out of touch, and hyper-focused on its own needs and desires, rather than those of others. Fortunately, however, the Bautul are working to recognize some of these possible pitfalls, and are striving to build a more inclusive future. 

    In the bedroom, Bautul orcs often (but not always) revel in taking the dominant role. Whatever your preference, you are a devoted and passionate partner, and intimacy with you is an intense, unforgettable experience that builds lasting bonds between you and your mate. Your mate knows they can always trust you to be there for them – likely with your axe or crossbow firmly in hand!

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