Books in The Mages Series

The Mage’s Maid

The Mages: A Novella (Prequel)

Mik Mastersson has it all together. He’s handsome, titled, accomplished, and a top-tier air-mage — and now, all he needs is a proper lord’s wife. 

The only problem is, he can’t keep his hands off his housemaid… 

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The Mage’s Match

Book 1 of The Mages

Regin Agmund was the greatest air-mage in the world. Brilliant, rich, proud, adored, with an elite position in Vakra’s powerful, prestigious Coven. 

Until he lost his magic.

Even the best experts can’t understand it, and every possible remedy has failed. Regin is furious, miserable, and desperate enough to try anything. Even if that means hiring a greedy, defiant, and oddly compelling stranger to share his bed… 

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The Mage’s Master

Book 2 of The Mages

When a mage is broke and desperate, his boss dangles the one temptation he can’t refuse…

Henrik Hallen needs money. His family’s in trouble, and his prestigious position as a top-tier earth-mage is hanging by a thread. There’s only one person who can help — his wealthy boss and best friend Fasta — but so far, Henrik’s clung to his pride, and spurned her charity.

Until she makes an offer too provocative to resist…

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The Mage’s Groom


When a brilliant mage gives up and goes home, she finds her master waiting… 

Greta Hendersson was supposed to do great things in life. Build a career, rack up accolades, make a perfect marriage. 

But when her two-year relationship with the world’s most famous air-mage blows up in her face, everything else falls apart, too. And all that’s left is to go home… to where her head groom has been patiently waiting. With a collar and whip in his hand…

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