The Lady and the Orc

He’s the most feared monster in the realm. And she’s what he needs to win his war… 
The Lady and the Orc

In a world of warring orcs and men, Lady Norr is condemned to a childless marriage, a cruel lord husband, and a life of genteel poverty — until the day her home is ransacked by a horde. And leading the charge is their hulking, deadly orc captain: the infamous Grimarr.

And Grimarr has a wicked plan for Lady Norr, and for ending this war once and for all. She’s going to become his captive — and the perfect snare for Lord Norr.

There’s no possible escape, and soon Lady Norr is dragged off toward Orc Mountain in the powerful arms of her greatest enemy. A ruthless, commanding warlord, with a velvet voice and mouthwatering scent, who awakens every forbidden hunger she never knew she had…

But Grimarr refuses to accept half measures — in war, or in pleasure. And before he’ll conquer Lady Norr’s deepest, darkest desires, she needs to surrender everything.

Her allegiance.
Her wedding-ring.
Her future…

And with her husband’s forces giving chase, Lady Norr can’t afford to play such a dangerous game — or can she? Even if this deadly orc’s plans might be the only way to save them all?

A dark, steamy, full-length standalone fantasy romance for adults. Happily ever after guaranteed.

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Reviews for The Lady and the Orc

★ “LOVED IT! If you’re looking for something fun to read, this might be just your style.” —Addison Cain, USA Today bestselling author and Amazon Top 25 bestselling author
★ “A thoroughly engaging, steamy, lovely romance read.” —Tiffany Roberts, USA Today bestselling author
★ “I love this series.” —Ruby Dixon, Amazon #1 bestselling author
★ “A truck full of stars. I will never look at an orc the same again. So well done.” —Wickedly Sweet and Synful Book Blog, Twilla
★ “Fun read alert! Monster fantasy romance readers should check this out.” —Tracy St. John, author of the bestselling Clans of Kalquor series
★ “The HEA was so hard-earned and angsty, this book made me cry! And I’m a jaded romance reader —books never make me cry!” —Michele Mills, author of His Human Nanny
★ “Engaging read, with good development of detail, character, and politics.” —SBee Reviews
★ “A creature romance with a love/hate relationship at its centre. This was all sorts of fun … an incredibly enjoyable read.” —Beckie Bookworm
★ “Evoked an avalanche of emotion in me. Highly recommended.” —Author E.J. Frost
★ “One of the most interesting and exciting romances I’ve ever read.” —Author Skyler Mason
★ “I did not expect to literally fall in love with these orcs. Finley Fenn has earned a lifelong reader in me.” —Romantically Inclined Reviews

Content Guidance

Tags: orc romance, enemies to lovers, monster romance, captive, dark, steamy, angsty

Content warnings: Click here to view (spoilers!) Includes: abduction; betrayal; weapons and violence; intense scenes; strong language; discussion and depiction of abuse; discussion of abortion; infidelity (not between main characters); copious fluids; pregnancy.