Orc Sworn Community

The community that’s grown around the Orc Sworn series has been absolutely incredible, and I remain in awe of the many generous readers, artists, and creators who have made their own contributions to the Orc Sworn world. Here are just a few highlights!

(And for official Orc Sworn artwork, please visit my art page here!)

Official Orc Sworn Communities

Facebook Group

Join our private Finley Fenn’s Orc Den Facebook group for in-depth discussions, book clubs, artwork, and news!

Discord Server

Our private Discord server is where you’ll find the full Orc Sworn artwork archive, along with discussions and fanworks.


Includes early access to new books, new spicy artwork, exclusive merch in the mail, signed paperbacks, and more!

Orc Sworn Podcast Highlights

Tales from the Orc Den

A fabulous and hilarious book club podcast that chronologically features each book in the Orc Sworn series.

Romantically Inclined

Romantically Inclined Reviews’ delightful podcast discusses orc romance and the importance of Orc-tober!

DNF Happy Hour

The “Read Watch DNF” duo have a highly entertaining discussion of The Lady and the Orc in this episode.

Bonkers Romance

Author Naima Simone joins Bonkers Romance to discuss The Lady and the Orc.

Bonded Books

The Bonded Books podcast discusses The Lady and the Orc (in two episodes!).

Kingdom of Thirst

This Kingdom of Thirst episode (“Orc-asms!”) discusses The Lady and the Orc.

Too Stupid to Live

The TSTL podcast reviews The Librarian and the Orc.

Orc Sworn Fan Trailers

The Maid and the Orcs
Trailer by Lady of the Librarium, with art by Coco
The Sins of the Orc
Trailer by Lady of the Librarium, with art by Coco
The Governess and the Orc
Trailer by Lady of the Librarium, with art by Coco

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