Books in the Orc Forged Series

The Orc Forged series takes place before Orc Sworn, but each book in the series is a stand-alone, and can be read in any order!

The Sins of the Orc

Orc Forged, Book 1

He’s fallen too far to save… but his enemy is going to try.

In a world of warring orcs and men, Kesst of Clan Ash-Kai is a pawn. A pretty, pliant plaything, bound to the cruelest orcs in the realm. 

Until the new healer storms in. 

He’s huge, hostile, and hideous, with a powerful scarred body and terrifying ancient magic. And it only takes one disastrous meeting before he and Kesst are bitter enemies, and Kesst vows to see the vile brute destroyed…

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