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    Orc Sworn paperbacks now available!

    I’m thrilled to announce that Orc Sworn paperbacks are now available at multiple retailers! Each paperback includes the full book, PLUS books 2-6 each include the bonus epilogue! HOW TO BUY IN THE US Buy at Barnes & Noble Buy on Amazon.com Buy on Bookshop.org HOW TO BUY IN CANADA Buy at Chapters/Indigo Buy on Amazon.ca[…]

    The Maid and the Orcs: Pre-order now!

    My newest Orc Sworn book is now available to pre-order! After many, many requests, we’re finally getting to the tale of Baldr and Drafli… and the woman who’s going to rock their world. 😉 This one is a TOTAL angst-fest, and features: It’s been so much fun to write so far, and I can’t wait[…]

    Out now: The Midwife and the Orc!

    The Midwife and the Orc is out now! When a plucky, practical midwife locks horns with a sly, slippery orc, who’s going to fall first? ❤️  Orc Mountain needs a midwife. And this devious, deadly orc is determined to find one… In a world of recently warring orcs and men, Gwyn Garrett is a lord’s daughter[…]

    Coming soon: The Midwife and the Orc!

    The Midwife and the Orc is up for pre-order now, and is coming this summer! Our sly, slippery Joarr has some PLANS for our quick, clever, no-nonsense midwife… what could possibly go wrong?! RELEASE DATE: Currently set for August, but will be released earlier this summer! Please sign up to my newsletter for the final[…]

    New review and interview!

    I was delighted to be featured on the fabulous Romantically Inclined book blog, with both a review AND an interview! Here’s where you can find them: I’m SO grateful to Romantically Inclined for interviewing me, and so kindly sharing my books!

    Offered by the Orc has a new cover!

    Offered by the Orc has a new cover! This bonus Orc Sworn story is free when you sign up to my newsletter at www.finleyfenn.com, and tells the extra-spicy tale of a woman who finds herself on an ancient orc altar… To learn more about this story, click here! And if you’ve already subscribed to my[…]

    The Duchess and the Orc is available now!

    He’s a massive, mocking, murderous monster. And there’s only one thing he wants from her… In a world of recently warring orcs and men, Maria is desperate for escape. She’s trapped in an opulent prison, tainted by rumours of madness, and wed to a cold, vindictive duke who hungers only for war. But with no[…]

    The Duchess and the Orc: coming January 12, 2021!

    My next Orc Sworn book is called The Duchess and the Orc! This one tells the sexy, angsty tale of a desperate duchess on the run… and the huge, hideous, pissed-off orc who begrudgingly agrees to protect her, against ALL his better judgement. But only, of course, for a certain price… 😉 This one is[…]

    The Librarian and the Orc is live now!

    He’s a fierce, ferocious, death-dealing beast. And he’s reading a book in her library… In a world of recently warring orcs and men, Rosa Rolfe leads a quiet, scholarly life as an impoverished librarian — until the day she finds an orc. In her library. Reading a book. He’s rude, aggressive, and deeply terrifying, with his huge[…]

    The Librarian and the Orc: coming July 14!

    The Librarian and the Orc is coming July 14! It tells the sexy tale of a bookish, irritable orc who keeps TRYING to read in the library… and getting distracted by the clever, curious librarian, in all the best ways. ❤️ Learn more here! Pre-order on Amazon.com Other store links: Amazon.ca | Amazon.co.uk | Amazon.com.au[…]

    The Heiress and the Orc is out now!

    She made a pledge to a wild, dangerous orc. And now he’s here for vengeance… In a world of recently warring orcs and men, Ella Riddell is determined to ignore it all. She’s the wealthiest heiress in the realm — and soon, she’s to wed a lord, and become a real lady. Until the night[…]

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