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    Clan Ash-Kai

    You’re a proud, passionate member of Clan Ash-Kai! Since the earliest days, your clan has given Orc Mountain its most memorable leaders, villains, and provocateurs. Members of Clan Ash-Kai are the likeliest of all five clans to carry the old magic, including healing, galdr-telling, and farsight.

    At your best, members of Clan Ash-Kai are creative, compelling, idealistic, strategic, and visionary individuals, with a strong commitment to justice, progress, and community. You deeply care for those around you, and you’re willing to make significant sacrifices to keep safe the people you love. When you make a promise, you do your utmost to keep it. 

    At your worst, members of Clan Ash-Kai can lose perspective and focus, and can sometimes become consumed with your goals at the cost of all else. You might also have a special talent for putting on a good face for others, even if you’re secretly suffering, and you may struggle asking for help when you need it. The cleverest Ash-Kai (including you!) take care to surround yourselves with members of other clans, and to learn from their insights and advice. 

    In the bedroom, you’re skilled, generous, and capable, and you take great pride in showing off what’s yours. Your satisfied mate knows very well who they belong to (and the rest of Orc Mountain definitely knows too!). 

    Members of Clan Ash-Kai are also hardworking, proud, cunning, clever, and strong, with prodigious all-around fighting skill. You love being in the middle of the action (and maybe causing some extra drama while you’re there). When others need help, they know they can always come to you. You’re an incredible gift to Orc Mountain, and your brothers and sisters would not be able to survive without you. 

    Read about the Ash-Kai in: The Lady and the Orc, The Governess and the Orc

    Prominent Ash-Kai: Grimarr, Jule, Kesst, Efterar, Geva, Rathgarr, Sken, Kaugir

    Clan Bautul

    You’re a brave, bold member of the glorious Clan Bautul! Of all the clans in Orc Mountain, Bautul are the most committed to unity – most obviously within your clan, but also within the larger contexts of community, faith, home, and the natural world around you. This leads to a close, instinctive connection between the Bautul and the earth, and you are often excellent hunters, gardeners, foragers, and navigators. The Bautul are Orc Mountain’s principal suppliers of food, goods, and textiles, and while your contributions aren’t always as appreciated as they ought to be, they are crucial for Orc Mountain’s ongoing sustainability. 

    The Bautul are also often ferocious in battle, and are widely recognized as some of Orc Mountain’s strongest and most skilful fighters. However, what’s perhaps less understood is how the Bautul’s strength in battle is rooted in the urgent need to protect your clan and your home at all costs – and Bautul have learned that a powerful offense is best gained through forceful leadership, relentless practice, and deep-rooted understanding of your fellow fighters’ tendencies and skills. 

    Members of Clan Bautul are often direct and devoted, with a strong value system that often includes meaningful rituals and fealty to your clan’s goddess. You are unflinchingly committed to your clan kin, and to the home and culture you’ve built together. You also have a less recognized appreciation for fun and entertainment, and often enjoy music, dancing, cooking, or unexpected adventures with the people you love. 

    On the darker side, Clan Bautul’s drive for unity and fealty can sometimes lead to mistrust or mistreatment of outsiders, or a rigidity that doesn’t tolerate individual deviation. It can also lead to the clan becoming isolated and out of touch, and hyper-focused on its own needs and desires, rather than those of others. Fortunately, however, the Bautul are working to recognize some of these possible pitfalls, and are striving to build a more inclusive future. 

    In the bedroom, Bautul orcs often (but not always) revel in taking the dominant role. Whatever your preference, you are a devoted and passionate partner, and intimacy with you is an intense, unforgettable experience that builds lasting bonds between you and your mate. Your mate knows they can always trust you to be there for them – likely with your axe or crossbow firmly in hand!

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    Prominent Bautul: Joarr, Gwyn, Silfast, Stella, Olarr, Kalfr, Eyolf, Iyolf, Ivar

    Clan Skai

    You’re a fierce, loyal member of the indomitable Clan Skai! The Skai are Orc Mountain’s smallest but mightiest clan, with a long history of fearlessness, valour, and viciously won battles. The Skai are utterly devoted to their clan and their kind, and have made countless sacrifices to keep the people they care for safe. Your Skai kin can often be found fighting on the front lines of battles, waging guerilla warfare against your enemies, and serving as solitary scouts in the realm’s most dangerous cities and outposts. 

    Due to the frequently precarious and isolated nature of their work, the Skai have suffered the most losses of all the clans – not only of life, but also of culture, traditions, and mental and physical health. As a result, many Skai have learned to be skeptical and mistrustful, treating outsiders with disdain, contempt, and even cruelty. The old Skai “ways” represent some of the few remaining Skai traditions, but these have often reinforced some of the Skai’s darker tendencies, leading to even more isolation and bitterness. 

    However, thanks to the ongoing peace, many Skai are working to reform the clan from within – and the Skai’s multiple excellent attributes are becoming more apparent. Your Orc Mountain kin are beginning to see just how much you have selflessly sacrificed for their survival, and how underappreciated your efforts have been. You are loyal, careful, and consistent, with a keen observational eye, and a deep appreciation for effort, talent, beauty, and skill. And despite your tendency to judge outsiders, once someone gains your fealty, you are resolutely faithful, supportive, and accepting, and will do all within your power to uphold them and their goals. 

    Skai are often impressive lovers, with enviable athletic skill and endurance, and close attention to their mate’s preferences. Skai usually have very little patience for secrecy or shame, and take great pleasure in flaunting their beautiful conquests. Your orc is never happier than when he’s reduced you to a gasping, pleading mess at his feet! 

    Though your clan is often the least understood at Orc Mountain, you have been a crucial part of your kind’s survival, and the current state of peace. You are a true, trustworthy, formidable friend, and the fiercest, most faithful partner your mate could ever ask for. 

    Read about the Skai in: The Duchess and the Orc, The Maid and the Orcs

    Prominent Skai: Drafli, Simon, Maria, Bjorn, Killik, Ulfarr

    Clan Ka-esh

    You’re a clever, creative member of Clan Ka-esh! The Ka-esh have long served as the orcs’ scholars, educators, geologists, and engineers, and Orc Mountain’s ongoing survival is in large part due to your incredible knowledge and expertise. 

    Ka-esh love to learn, and individual study and specialization isn’t only accepted within your clan, but welcomed and encouraged. Ka-esh have made impressive forays into medicine, mining, metalworking, engineering, agriculture, history, literature, and social sciences, and your open-minded creativity is a crucial part of your ongoing success. You are recognized as an irreplaceable asset within your clan and your mountain, and your fellow clans consistently do their utmost to protect you and honour your many contributions. 

    On a personal level, members of Clan Ka-esh tend to enjoy your own company, as well as the company of your mates and close kin. You make your home in the darkest part of Orc Mountain – largely because of the peace and quiet it offers you! You LOVE libraries, and will go far out of your way to visit them, and acquire new information and reading material. You also love discussing and refining your newfound discoveries with those closest to you. 

    On the other hand, members of Clan Ka-esh can sometimes become entitled or arrogant, and can treat others with condescension or disrespect. You might struggle to understand points of view that strongly differ from your own, and become impatient with your fellow clans for their seemingly thoughtless actions and priorities. (To be fair, the other clans can give you a LOT to be irritated about!)

    When it comes to intimacy, members of Clan Ka-esh long ago discovered the many joys to be found in more intense pleasures and dynamics, as well as the psychological release they can offer. Therefore, the Ka-esh keep a secret, secure space for such enjoyments, and often embrace biting, marking, and the use of the kraga (a traditional unbreakable bonding necklace) – but of course, your participation is entirely up to you. Either way, you can rely on your Ka-esh lover to be highly attentive, considerate, and informed, and devoted to your safety and pleasure. 

    Of all five clans, the Ka-esh can sometimes be the most inscrutable, and the most difficult to get to know. But once you’ve gained a Ka-esh’s loyalty and respect, they will offer you unflinching care and support, and you will enjoy a mutually fulfilling, deeply satisfying partnership together. 

    Read about the Ka-esh in: The Librarian and the Orc

    Prominent Ka-esh: John-Ka, Rosa, Tristan, Salvi, Abjorn, Gary

    Clan Grisk

    You’re a generous, considerate member of the delightful Grisk clan! The Grisk are the largest clan in Orc Mountain, partly because of your patience, kindness, and openness toward outsiders. The Grisk make genuine, heartfelt efforts to treat others with acceptance and respect, and you are quite possibly the most sought-after clan for mates, lovers, and friends. 

    Grisk place a high importance on family, stability, and community, and on creating a supportive, nurturing environment for your orclings’ growth and development. Of all five clans, you retain the most awareness of the orcs’ collective history and traditions, and you carry this knowledge forward in a variety of ways – whether celebrating your holidays, honouring your gods and ancestors, or caring for your homes and mates. As such, you also tend to be the most traditionally (and flamboyantly) dressed of all the orcs, with a strong focus on sensuality, physicality, and heirloom jewels and textiles. 

    The Grisk are often the most practical of the five clans, with a deep appreciation for good food, comfortable clothing and spaces, and honest hard work. You have long served as Orc Mountain’s keepers, ensuring that your home stays clean, functional, and safe. You also have an impressive affinity for scent, and may be able to follow long-lost trails over massive distances, or even smell others’ emotions and affections. 

    On the other hand, Grisk have sometimes been accused of cowardice or gullibility, or of putting their own priorities ahead of the orcs’ collective safety and survival. Many Grisk would prefer to hide or run from their enemies, rather than fight them – and even those Grisk who enjoy fighting tend to avoid excessive violence or brutality. Many Grisk will show outward compliance toward those in charge, while nursing inward resentment or rebellion; your most thoughtful friends and lovers will take the time to learn your true loyalties, and gain your deepest truths. 

    With your trusted partners, Grisk are often open, affectionate, and uninhibited lovers, freely welcoming a variety of quirks and preferences. If you’ve had the good fortune to fall in love with a Grisk, you can be sure you’ll feel safe, comfortable, and genuinely appreciated, just as you are. 

    Read about the Grisk in: The Heiress and the Orc, The Maid and the Orcs

    Prominent Grisk: Baldr, Alma, Nattfarr, Ella, Varinn, Dammarr, Thraik, Thrain

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