• Ask the Speaker!

    Have you ever wanted to ask an orc a question? Our wise Speaker Nattfarr of Clan Grisk recently hosted an online Grisk Revel, and answered all his guests’ most pressing questions! 

    Some questions have been condensed and combined for clarity, and many include spoilers! I’m so grateful to all the thoughtful readers who shared their fabulous questions with us!

    NATT: I welcome you to this moon’s Revel! It shall honour me to Speak with you this day, in the way of my father, and his fathers before him. I shall meet all you ask, and ask you all you wish. You only must approach me, and Speak.


    How do I get an orc of my own?
    I ken you ought to be true to your deepest self, and your own truths. Any wise orc shall soon see your true beauty, goodness, and grace, and sniff you out across the realm. 💚

    Might there be room in Orc Mountain for older women past childbearing age? I loved hearing about Gwyn’s great-aunt Agnes, but she didn’t live in the mountain.
    Ach, in that time, it was oft not safe for women to make their homes at the mountain, so it was wise for Ivar to keep his mate well away from this. But now that we have again gained peace, we should be most honoured to welcome more seasoned women among us. They oft bring much patience, warmth, knowledge, and help to all our kin… and most of all to their mates.

    Hello Nattfarr! Would it be possible for a man to live inside Orc Mountain with his orc mate?
    Ach, I should be most glad to welcome this, and I ken Olarr’s human mate Aulis Gerrard oft makes his home here at the mountain!

    Speaker! How can I find myself a ride to Orc Mountain to mate with an orc such as yourself? 
    It greatly grieves me that we have not yet found this between-worlds magic. It is my deepest hope that our clever Ka-esh brothers shall one day find the trick to this! 

    Is there room for women who don’t want kids on your mountain? Are there orcs who don’t want kids?
    Ach, we are glad to welcome all willing humans to our mountain, whether they wish for orclings or no. I have met many orcs who wish not for sons, my Skai brother Killik amongst them. (But I ken Killik may soon need to alter his stance upon this…) 😈

    Hello, Nattfarr of Clan Grisk! Would any of your kin consider mating with two women?
    Ach, I ken I have many brothers who dream of this! 😂 But we have oft seen darkness upon this also, so I ken we should wish to face it with great care. I would be sure to seek all parties’ truth first!

    Hypothetically speaking, how does one just waltz up to Orc mountain and get the *cough* royal treatment *cough* with an orc mate of her own? 🤣
    We shall be most glad to welcome any who seeks in good faith to join us! Any sweet and lusty guest shall soon be swarmed with offers, I ken 😁

    Hello Nattfarr, Speaker of Clan Grisk! If a woman appears at Orc Mountain offering to stay there, but says an orc mate must earn her affections, what would happen?
    Ach, I should… not wish to witness this 😅 I ken I might prevail upon my sweet lass to squirrel this clever woman away elsewhere, so we might be spared the mayhem that should surely follow 😂

    Natt. Might you have a twin that you are hiding somewhere in the mountain? Asking for a… friend…
    I would have once brought you to one of my four Guards, but they are now all mated also! But there are yet many good Grisk who should welcome such a sweet mate as you 💚

    Dear Speaker, what about a woman whose skills are not transferable to the mountain? Should she be cast aside, or would she be able to find (Grisk) mates to care for her?
    Ach, we should always welcome a sweet woman among us, no matter her skills. I ken there is yet much to do to build our home and our safety amongst our kin, and should she wish to build new skills to help us gain this, we should be most honoured!

    Hello Speaker. Is there room at Orc Mountain for human couples who might want to spend their years there?
    I have not before pondered this! I ken we should welcome human couples, but as with all who share our mountain, we should ask them to seek their own ways to support our kin and our home. 💚

    Greetings Speaker! If a woman with children came to the mountain seeking safety, would she be welcomed? Would an orc adopt her children as his own? Could human male children be trained as warriors along with orclings?
    We should be most glad to welcome any who needs our help, and I ken many of my brothers would welcome a human child also. And ach, it should be a great gift to witness human and orc young playing and sparring together! I too seek the day when this shall come to pass 💚

    Are there any mates that are more than a throuple? Like 3-5 orcs? I mean, I could never personally handle more than one!
    We now have none of these in the mountain, but I ken there may be some out in the realm! Mayhap we shall meet them someday 😁

    Speaker of Clan Grisk, I ask you, would a human man who was respectful of orc ways be able to reside in the mountain? Or human families as a whole who wanted to live amongst orcs, maybe offering their wares or services?
    Ach, we should be gladdened to welcome such humans in our home. And mayhap this shall grant our Grisk brothers some new mates also 😉

    Hello speaker, if a woman who couldn’t bear human children mated with an orc, could she potentially get pregnant? 
    Ach, one never knows what might come, with the power of our good orc seed 😈 Most of all if Efterar helps, also!

    Natt, what is the best way to attract an orc mate?
    To draw an orc mate to you, I ken you are best served to be your kind, sweet-scented self! It is all the better if you are open to new friends and interests… and if you oft walk the forest alone 😉


    Greetings, Speaker! Since I’m pretty new to Orc Mountain, is it true that you only have sons?
    Ach, this is truth. Some say it is a curse of the gods upon us, but I ken mayhap it is a gift also. It teaches us to walk closely with our human brothers and sisters, and to build our realm together. 

    Would it ever be possible for a female orc to be born? Like, maybe if we pray REAL hard? 
    I hold very few hopes upon this. But I do hope we shall keep building our bonds with our human women and daughters… and mayhap more human men also. 😈

    Natt, since you have a healer, could he not use his magic so we can have a baby girl orcling?
    Ach, I ken this witchcraft may be too great a feat for even our healer’s strength. But we shall keep treasuring our human women and daughters! 💚

    Are there any other fantasy beings in your realm? And will our orcs encounter their elvish ancestors in the future?
    We have not caught sight nor scent of our Elvish Fathers for many ages now, but there are tales that they may have gone deep underwood. To witness them again would be a great honour.

    Does Good Orc Seed ever go ✨️bad✨️?
    Ach, well, let us say I should not wish to find it encrusted in my furs (and most Grisk shall not go near that Skai common-room) 😅

    Hey Natt! What’s the normal gestation period for orc babies? Is it still nine months or shorter? And have there been any cases of orc twins?
    Orclings stay in the womb for mayhap ten moons, the same as human babes. And I have heard of orcling twins, but I have not yet met any!

    Hey Nattfarr of Clan Grisk. Is it true that Good Orc Seed has many magical and healing properties? Do you think it could heal chronic human illness like mine?
    Ach, our Good Orc Seed bears many great gifts, and oft makes our sweet mates fat and hale. I ken not the full depths of its power, but I should pray that it would bring you help and peace. And were you here in my realm, I should be most honoured to send a kind Grisk brother to feed and tend you. 

    Hello Speaker! With all of the recent love matches in the mountain, it must really be filling up… is there any danger of it becoming TOO cozy anytime soon with the population boom? 
    I have no fear of our mountain becoming too full! We yet have many rooms and barracks that are empty, and it shall grant me great joy to see these become full again. And if ever we run out of room, our clever Ka-esh kin shall foresee this, and dig out yet more rooms for us. (I shall work hard to ensure these also have lamps.)

    Greetings, Nattfarr of Clan Grisk. I know because of a curse from the gods you can only have sons, but what if an orc gains a mate already pregnant with a daughter? With the good orc seed, can he grant her his scent and some physical or magic traits? 
    Ach, I ken if an orc did mate with such a woman, his scent would carry upon the daughter, and mayhap grant her his likeness or manner also! It would grant me joy to witness this, some day.

    Speaker, who runs the Orc Mountain daycare? I’m sure the little orclings are so cute but tricky to keep up with 😍
    The nursery is now run by a band of our Bautul brothers and sisters, our midwife Gwyn and her sister Stella amongst them! I also ken Ivar is oft there doting upon the orclings (and keeping my son Rakfi out of trouble) 😅

    Hello speaker of truths! Will there be another born with the healing powers of the orc magic? It would be a shame for the only one to fade one day, and no others be born with his gifts. 
    If I were to see into the future 😅 I would guide you to my Grisk sister Finley’s bonus tale of our Ash-Kai kin Geva and Rathgarr. There you may find some answers to what you seek!

    Hello Speaker. So we’ve seen with every new mate brought to the mountain they’ve brought change as well, whether it was to views or work or structurally. Is there anything you’d like to see change or improve in Orc Mountain?
    Ach, there is much more work yet to be done! I ken our home could yet gain from more care… most of all in building our own trade and food supply. (Some day, I dream of gaining a bakery!) 🤤 I also seek more help for those who care for our young orcs, and for those who are ill or among us.

    I also ken we need to dig deeper into all that has been lost, across all the clans… whether this is science, or art, or sharing our tongue and our learning. And I ken we need more strong alliances with the humans, and better means to care for our kin yet scattered across the realm. My Grisk Guards do much good work upon this, but there is yet more beyond this, most of all beyond our Grisk clan. 


    Which of your brothers are you most anxious to get a mate?
    Now that Varinn and Thrain have found a good Grisk mate, I myself should most wish to see our Bautul brother Kalfr settled with a mate. He has brought our clan many good gifts with his hard work in the garden, and he next ought to have his own soul fed, also.

    Hello Speaker, just want to know how my beloved Drafli and Baldr are doing? What are they up to lately?
    Ach, Baldr and Drafli fare very well! They dote upon little Barden, who is a sweet orc-son (and sleeps far more than my own son Rakfi). My lass and I should offer to care for Barden more often, but Drafli is yet… unnerving with his Skai guarding over his son. Mayhap someday 😅

    Who is the funniest orc in the mountain?
    I find both Thrak and Thrain very droll! But I ken most orcs should say Joarr… or mayhap Kesst 😖

    Greetings, Speaker.  I was wondering if you’ve heard any rumours or perhaps real agreement on which orc currently residing at the mountain has the most appealing taste to his seed?
    It brings me great unease to speak this, but I ken it may be Drafli… at least, based on my brother Baldr’s telling. It takes seed of great power to outweigh the… nuances of a Skai’s scent 😅

    Now, Natt, what’s Killik’s favourite meal? 
    I ken he should tell you bloody red meat… but if I were to ask for his truth, we might find him speaking of sweet-cakes 😂

    Who is the best at braiding hair on the mountain?
    It grants me great pain to say this, but I ken it is yet Kesst. Damnable Ash-Kai.

    How salty is Narfi about all these women taking all the prime Skai beef off the market?
    Ach, Narfi. *spits onto the floor* That Skai oft scents of spite and wickedness around our women, and ought not to even LOOK at their sweet faces. 

    Mayhap being privy to all the gossip through your guards — when do you ken Killik first became infatuated with his favourite grump?
    I ken Killik keeps his secrets close, even more than most Skai. But I also ken that our wise Enforcer Simon charged Killik with watching Ulfarr, and joining him on all missions beyond the mountain. I ken Killik may have oft seen a side of Ulfarr in this that we have not.

    Have you ever been shocked by something an orc has done to the point of laughing?
    Ach, I have oft laughed at my brothers’ foolishness! I oft recall the day when Thrak slipped and fell into a pool of his own seed 😂 Or when Simon sprayed himself in the eye and squealed like a mouse 😂😂😂 (Our powerful Enforcer likes to pretend that this never came about, but the Speaker yet knows the truth) 😈

    Greetings, Speaker! Are there any full-on daddy doms in the mountain? I realize all of the orcs are very caring and fabulously protective, just wondering if there is someone maybe more?
    I ken my brother Varinn is mayhap the nearest to this I have met! He takes great joy in tending to his sweet Grisk pets 😈 (Though the scent of this oft drives us out of our rooms… and grants my blood-kin Thrak great pain) 😂

    Okay Natt, be straight with me. How do I win Ulfarr’s heart and that of his handsome jailer?
    Ach, even with these new Skai ways, I ken Killik should yet seek to hunt himself a mate. So I ken you should be best advised to show yourself a strong, capable, and lusty woman, for you never know who may be spying around the corner 😈


    Speaker… what is your greatest joy in fatherhood? 
    Fatherhood has brought me many great joys. Foremost among these blessings, I ken, is the deep peace I have found in gaining such close kin to fully trust with my truths, and cherish as my own. 

    Who tasted the best to you, besides Ella?
    Ach, you must never speak of this to my sweet lass, but Dammarr’s taste was very good.

    Hello Nattfarr, Speaker of the Grisk! What are the qualities of a good Grisk mate?
    I ken the chief qualities of a good Grisk mate are kindness, and true care for our kin and our home.

    Oh Speaker, what is your favourite food?
    I shall always have a fondness for fresh meat! And my Grisk sister Alma’s sweet-cakes 🤤

    Do you or my Grisk sister Finley have any advise for someone who is interested in writing their own fantasy romance? I’ve got an idea and love to write, but it doesn’t seem to be coming together.
    Ach, I ken this is not easy. My Grisk sister has written many books that she did not consider worthy to share, and yet does much weeping and fretting over her tales. But the longer she has done this, the better it has become. So you ought to keep writing, even if it is only to soothe your own soul, and nurture your own joy. 

    Hello Natt! I have to ask… pineapple on a pizza. Yes or no?
    Ach, so long as there is pizza (or any other human food) you ken I shall eagerly eat this!

    What should I wear out today so as to not embarrass my minions while drawing the eyes of my friends? 😆 
    I ken you ought to dress in whatever way best suits yourself. When you are most at ease, you share this peace with all your kin, also. 

    My question: if our dear Speaker was a coffee drinker, what would your order be? 🤔
    Ach, I ken I should like a bit of milk and sugar 😏

    Greetings, Speaker! What is your greatest hope for future orc sons of Orc Mountain? Can you see a way for peace with men so your sons may prosper and thrive even more?
    My deepest hope for our sons is that they shall live a life of safety and peace, with freedom to walk the earth and choose their mates without fear or shame. To help us gain this, I seek to support good care for our women and sons, and I also welcome the many efforts of our Ka-esh kin to spread knowledge and truth about our kind across the realm. I look forward to many years of good work and great gains upon this!

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