• Orc Sworn hardcovers now available!

    The first six books of the Orc Sworn series are now available in hardcover, with the rest of the series on the way soon!

    These new hardcovers have:

    • New object cover designs (fully human sourced) by the fabulous Sylvia Frost 
    • Matte wrapped binding for ease of reading (no dust jackets to fuss with)
    • Decorative chapter headings and title pages
    • The full book PLUS each bonus epilogue!
    • Standard 6″ x 9″ size
    • Availability at most bookish online retailers (please note that these often take a while to go live, especially international!)

    Each full-wrap hardcover design includes details from the book, from weapons to jewels to pinecones!

    Books 1-6 are on sale now, and the remaining books will be released in early 2024. For up-to-date news, please sign up for emails here!

    Will the next books be coming to hardcover too?
    Yes! The Governess and the Orc and The Beauty and the Orcs will be coming to hardcover in 2024.

    When will they come to more international stores?
    These often take a while to populate, and unfortunately I’m not able to get exact dates… but I will update here with links as soon as stores are live!

    I also want to mention that sometimes international Amazon sites will favour scammy resellers over the actual book distributor, and will post books for exorbitant prices. These hardcovers are meant to be priced reasonably, and those inflated prices are NOT endorsed or intended by me.

    Can I get signed bookplates?
    Special hardcover signed bookplates are available to all Patreon supporters at no extra charge!

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