• Out now: The Fall of the Orc!

    My newest book The Fall of the Orc is out now!

    This is the long-awaited tale of how Olarr of Clan Bautul fell for human lieutenant Aulis Gerrard! It again takes us back to a darker, more dangerous time, where we’ll find…

    💚 ENEMIES enemies to lovers
    💚 Secret plots, star-crossed lovers, and high treason
    💚 Lots of hot and sweaty “battles” (often with Olarr’s giant axe) ⚔️
    💚 The will of the Goddess (and maybe even an altar or two)
    💚 Kalfr is kind, Silfast is belligerent, long-held secrets are revealed, and may the best warrior win… 😈


    The orc broke him in battle. Now he’s aiming for his heart…

    In a world of warring orcs and men, Lieutenant Aulis Gerrard can’t afford to lose one more battle. But when he faces off against the biggest, most brutal berserker in the orcs’ war-band, he knows he’s met his doom…

    Until the orc drops his axe. Draws Gerrard close. And orders him… to run.

    In the heat of the moment, caught in the orc’s inexplicable thrall, Gerrard obeys — but the fallout costs him his rank, his position, and his pride. With little left to lose, he decides to hunt down the brazen brute in the forest, and demand a rematch.

    But the orc doesn’t want just a rematch.

    He wants to court the pretty human lieutenant.
    To convert him.
    To conquer him…

    But Gerrard would never yield to high treason with an orc… right? Even if the devious devil offers up gifts, sweaty sparring-matches, and sweet surrender in the dark. Because fraternizing with a fearsome, fallen enemy might destroy everything Gerrard has left… and leave his heart shattered, too.

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