• Orc Sworn is now on Patreon!

    I’m excited to share that I’m now on Patreon!

    This is a brand-new way to explore the world of Orc Sworn together, and will include early access to new books, new sexy art of your favourite characters, exclusive merch in the mail, signed paperbacks, and more!

    Patreon Q&As!

    Why Patreon?

    I love connecting with my incredible readers, and sharing the Orc Sworn love! However, I just haven’t had the resources to manage a lot of popular requests… like merch, signed paperbacks, artwork of specific sexy scenes, and maybe even some extra stories now and then. (Being based in Canada AND writing giant books definitely adds a lot of major costs to everything!) I’m hoping that stable support through Patreon will help us make some of this extra fun possible!

    Also, indie authors face a lot of stress and uncertainty, especially when we’re so dependent on the whims of huge, unpredictable corporations. So I’m looking forward to having another way to reliably share my books, news, and art with you, while also helping to make my writing more sustainable long-term. I’d love to keep writing in the Orc Sworn world, and your support is a massive part of making that possible!

    What rewards are available?

    I’ve tried to include as many popular reader requests as I can! Depending on the tier, patrons will receive…

    • Early access to my upcoming brand-new holiday story (plus see the cover and blurb now!)
    • Multiple spicy new illustrations of your favourite characters (with more on the way!)
    • Exclusive early special editions of all released e-books and stories! Special editions include the bonus epilogue, digital signature, map, and character artwork.
    • Exclusive sneak peeks of upcoming books and covers
    • Early access to future artwork
    • Exclusive access to official merch and signed paperbacks (not available anywhere else!)
    • Polls to decide character names, upcoming short stories, and more
    • News and insider info
    • Early cover reveals and teasers
    • Access to private Patreon-exclusive channel on Discord
    • And more!
    Will this impact any of your other activities or projects?

    I have no plans to change any of my other priorities or projects, or to reduce your access to anything you enjoy! My public Discord, Facebook group, and website will stay just as they are, along with my current Advance Review team and free mailed bookplates.

    I’ll also continue to share as much delicious art as I can (because I am hopelessly addicted, ha) but Patreon supporters will often get early access, and some extra pieces (in addition to my usual) will be Patreon-only. Either way, Patreon members will be aware of ALL new Orc Sworn art as it comes! 

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