The Maid and the Orcs is out now!

The Maid and the Orcs is available now! Find out how a down-on-her-luck housemaid meets the sweetest orc in all the mountain… and his FURIOUS mate, who’s going to put her firmly in her place. 😈😈😈

She’s fallen for an angel… but he’s mated to a monster.

In a realm of orcs and powerful men, housemaid Alma Andersson is drowning — in grief, debt, and drudgery. And when her awful employer makes his darkest demand yet, she flees for the forest, and tumbles toward her doom…

Until she’s snatched to safety by a huge, vicious green beast. An orc.

He’s utterly terrifying, with his towering bulk, sharp teeth, and deadly black claws — but his touch is gentle, and his eyes are kind. And his scent is a deep, decadent sweetness, sparking a furious flame between them…

But it’s only more disaster, because Alma’s shy, soft-hearted rescuer is already mated… to another orc.


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