• The Duchess and the Orc: coming January 12, 2021!

    My next Orc Sworn book is called The Duchess and the Orc! This one tells the sexy, angsty tale of a desperate duchess on the run… and the huge, hideous, pissed-off orc who begrudgingly agrees to protect her, against ALL his better judgement. But only, of course, for a certain price… 😉

    This one is Simon’s story, and will dig into ALL the dark drama of our Skai clan… and follow Orc Mountain’s hostile, jaded Enforcer as he discovers that spoiled, fickle, weakling humans aren’t always what they seem… ❤️

    Learn more here!

    RELEASE DATE: Coming January 12, 2021! For updates, sign up for my newsletter here, or join my Facebook Group here!

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